Illustration of mobile workforce management software

Mobile workforce management software is a blanket term that describes the myriad apps, smart devices and systems that help businesses manage staff scheduling, task distribution, track and monitor time and attendance and other HR processes. 

Mobile workforce management software has made it significantly easier for service providers to manage lone workers or teams across multiple sites.

It’s a huge draw for contract cleaning companies in particular, as it can provide GPS location monitoring, show when staff clock in and out and provide evidence of tasks completed.

An integrated mobile workforce management system streamlines various administration tasks including:

  • Managing schedules
  • Running payroll
  • Setting pay rates
  • Maintaining staff records
  • Producing reports

Why cleaning companies can benefit from a mobile workforce management system 

Quick and easy scheduling

No matter how big or small the workforce is, staff can be scheduled at the click of a button. Not only does this reduce the time it would take to manually draw up a schedule and assign workers, but it’s easy for employees to follow and if necessary, change shifts and request holidays.

Instant insight into movements of staff

Paper timesheets that need to be filled in on-site are like blindfolds for modern businesses and provide too many opportunities for inaccurate data. With an automated, software-based solution, time and attendance data is logged in real-time – ensuring an accurate overview of exactly what is going on. 

Reduce payroll inaccuracy

Paying staff accurately and on time is key to improving engagement and retention. With a workforce management solution, payroll can be accurately calculated. This can result in substantial savings in payroll processing including the elimination of timesheet fraud, reduction in payroll overpayments, discrepancies, disputes and time spent investigating issues.

Better client/contractor relations

With paper systems, cleaning companies have no real evidence whether a staff member turns up to a client’s location on time and stays for the allocated duration. This can often lead to a breakdown of trust between the contract and the client. With an automated clocking in and out function and accurate location tagging, the cleaning company can take full accountability for its remote workers and evidence all work carried out.

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