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Mobile apps are used across the world to help boost business productivity and operations, including managing a remote workforce.

We take a look at the top ways mobile technology has brought together task information, worker safety and client satisfaction into one ‘appy’ solution and how these can benefit your business.  

Information at the fingertips

To-do lists are one of the world’s greatest inventions, but they are also one of the easiest to lose or forget whilst on the move. Thanks to a mobile app, such as Unique IQ’s IQ:timecard MOBILE, remote workers can download and access their daily schedule with ease, providing continuous access to tasks and notes for their current and next job.

Receiving important information shouldn’t be only one way, which is why IQ:timecard allows remote staff to send notes back to the office for further investigation.

Reduced admin

By using a simple clock in/clock out functionality on a mobile app, field staff can provide an accurate job start and end time which can be sent to the office immediately. This data can be used to process payroll and organise schedules, reducing the need to complete paper timesheets which are easy to misplace or make a mistake.

The details captured electronically also help to build-up a full understanding of a customer’s task schedule, allowing businesses to adapt as needed, such as allocating more or less time to a job, or changing the number of employees who attend.

The clock in/clock out option also saves remote workers time during their schedules, as it typically takes just a few seconds to clock in and begin tasks, rather than taking the time to call the office to confirm attendance. 

Client satisfaction

Reputation can make or break a business. By using a workforce management app with GPS tracking in-built, its possible to accurately pinpoint field staff to a location while clocked into a job, providing evidence to customers that a remote team was in attendance at the allotted time.

Corporate Cleaning Solutions currently uses IQ:timecard to monitor what time its cleaners have clocked in. Operations Director, Juliet Booker, said:

“We tell prospective clients a lot about IQ:timecard MOBILE. They are very impressed when we describe how we track our cleaners through the app, or telephone line, that the cleaners aren’t able to clock in at a nearby pub and claim they have completed the tasks at hand. The prospective clients think the idea of this is brilliant and gives further support that the service they are paying for has been completed as required.”

No more complicated compliance

Through data gathered using a mobile app, detailed reports are easy to produce. For example, apps can power an overview of service level agreements, evidence to ensure health and safety regulations are met and information that shows employees are being paid the National Living Wage. These reports can be used in conjunction with compliance and business requirements.

Increased staff productivity

Richard Branson is famous for his quote: “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers”.

Using a mobile app, field staff members can benefit from a variety of features designed to help keep them happy, safe and productive. For example, lone worker safety is boosted via GPS location tracking, and stress levels are reduced thanks to quick and clear task schedules.

Staff also benefit from the automated tracking of mileage and time, to ensure their expenses and pay are correct. In the event there is a discrepancy, the tracked data via the mobile app can be used to quickly resolve any issues.

Want to know more about the benefits of remote workforce management software? Take a look at our dedicated resource guide.

Here at Unique IQ, we focus on solving the challenges your remote workforce meets daily, and our complete end-to-end solution, including our IQ:timecard MOBILE app can help to overcome these. Contact us today to help your staff become work ‘appy’.

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