Unique IQ expands Customer Success Team with two new hires

As our partners know, proactive and personal customer support is at the heart of our business. Alongside our recently expanded consultative sales team, we’re also growing our customer experience team to help our customers maximise the value they receive.

Providing exceptional support is the key to fostering trust, loyalty, and a deeper understanding of our customer’s businesses. By having more resources dedicated to Customer Success, we can engage with our customers on a deeper level and continue evolving our product to serve the care sector and its unique challenges.

Cheryl Guest, Operations Director, said: “Our team of Customer Success Managers plays a pivotal role in our success as a business. They’re the ones who champion our customers’ voices and advocate for their needs within our internal discussions on product development. 

“With this expansion, we’re reinforcing our commitment to putting customers first and aligning our entire company around a customer-centric culture. It’s all about ensuring you, our valued customers, have an incredible experience.”

Joining Elanor Betteridge and Cheryl Guest, we welcome Brandon Whitehouse.

Say hello to Brandon

“Earlier in my career I had the opportunity to work in various facets of the Hospitality industry, immersing myself in everything from customer service to business management. While our paths eventually diverged, it was a conscious decision to seek a work-life balance that would benefit both my daughter and me. After that, I spent an enriching few years in the care industry, which eventually led me to Unique IQ.”

Why is supporting the home care sector important to you?

Brandon Whitehouse, Customer Success Manager

“In my previous role as a care coordinator, I had the privilege of witnessing the profound impact that home care can have on individuals. It was a firsthand experience that showcased how exceptional care and unwavering dedication from caregivers can truly make a difference. Throughout my journey, I observed individuals who, thanks to the remarkable efforts of their carers, were able to surpass expectations and improve their outcomes. 

“Conversely, I also witnessed the rapid decline of my grandparents after they transitioned to nursing homes. It led me to believe that had they received the personalised care and support of home care services, they might have enjoyed a couple more years of happiness and quality of life.”

Tell us something that your colleagues and clients might not know about you

“I enjoy cooking and eating (I do both quite well). I’m starting to fall back in love with my active lifestyle that I seem to have strayed away from post-pandemic. I play football which I love, enjoy bike rides in the sun and allow my girlfriend to force me to the gym occasionally. I draw Pokémon as a hobby but will often be paid for commissioned drawings through Instagram. I’m also putting things together to start an anime-themed clothing line with the money I earn through commissions.”

Say hello to our existing Customer Success Manager Elanor

“I’ve come a long way off course from a language degree but here we are! I’ve spent most of my career in marketing agencies, firstly working behind the scenes on the Japanese language website for Jaguar, and then gradually working my way up to Digital Account Director helping customers with big techie projects. I love the technical nitty-gritty and getting stuck in learning about people’s businesses, and becoming part of their team. Unique:IQ allowed me to use those skills and to find something more caring and meaningful in what I was doing.”

Elanor Betteridge Customer Success Manager Unique IQ

Why is supporting the home care sector important to you?

“All of us experience the care sector at some point in our lives. My grandad, who turns 90 this year, is supported at home and I wish my Nana had that option rather than an extended stay in hospital. At Unique:IQ we talk to coordinators and front-line staff every day, and by making their lives easier, we can maybe contribute a little positivity to the people they support too.”

Tell us something that your colleagues and clients might not know about you

“I’m a living historian, and I spend my summer weekends going to events in castles, abbeys and museums around the country. My family and I teach people about life in the twelfth century, which is rarely taught in schools. My specialist subjects are fashion, embroidery, archery, swordplay, and badass twelfth-century women! And when I’m in the 21st Century I enjoy video games, board games, and a good D&D session with my husband and our friends. “

Cheryl continued: “The expansion of the Customer Success Team will help us continue to provide a more dedicated and focussed point of contact for our current and new partners from onboarding and implementation through to problem resolution and technical support.

“This enables a dedicated point of contact for partners to build and maintain a strong relationship regularly checking in with partners to understand their goals, address any concerns or challenges and proactively work to ensure partners are satisfied and achieving their desired outcomes.

“We know that a customer-centric approach is vital for our long-term success and growth. That’s why we’re excited about the opportunity to serve you better than ever before. Our expanded team of Customer Success Managers is ready to provide the support, guidance, and personalised attention you deserve.”