Connection and collaboration

By David Lynes, Managing Director of Unique IQ

One of the central tenets of Unique IQ’s vision for home care technology is collaboration. We believe that as technology providers we have a duty to work collaboratively, rather than confrontationally, in the pursuit of supporting care organisations to deliver outstanding, person-centred care.

We see enormous value in connecting our software with other systems out there in the care tech ecosystem. It is only through openness and transparency that we are able to connect the dots – to see the bigger picture of what an individual needs to lead a happy, fulfilling and cared-for life. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

It is in this spirit that I am pleased to announce a new partnership with My Learning Cloud, the learning and development specialists in health and social care. Together, we are working on a new integration between My Learning Cloud’s online learning environment and Unique IQ’s staff management and rostering system, IQ:careplanner, that will offer seamless management and monitoring of a care team’s skills, qualifications and continued professional development.

It is always a delight meet other technology providers who share the same and ethos and values – who are driven to develop the very best technology to support the care sector’s essential work.

I was inspired hearing from Alyson Scurfield recently, Chief Executive Officer of the TSA, as she spoke about the organisation’s exciting new roadmap for technology enabled care. And to hear how events of the last twelve months have only strengthened the TSA’s view that we are stronger together – many mutually beneficial partnerships are needed in order for people’s everyday lives to be enriched, enhanced and enabled by technology enabled care. I couldn’t agree more.

I anticipate this new collaboration with My Learning Cloud to be the first of many working partnerships that we will establish, with all types of software firms across the care sector. As we continue to lay the foundations for a truly integrated model of care.

Do get in touch if you would be interested in working with us.