Unique IQ has worked closely with Home Instead Bexhill-on-Sea to tailor its digital care monitoring system, IQ:timecard, to their needs; they have now fully replaced paper MAR charts.

Home Instead Bexhill provides support, assistance and friendship to older adults and people living with dementia within the local community. The team offer services such as home care and personal care.

The Challenge

Bexhill began researching into digital care monitoring systems in 2016, looking for a system that would help to track their Care Professionals’ visits, including an easy option to clock in and out using a freephone telephone or app.

After considering various options, the management team agreed that Unique IQ’s IQ:timecard was the system they required, fitting the needs of the business for both Care Professionals and office staff alike, and helping them to provide better care to their clients.

Caroline Aherne, Owner of Home Instead Bexhill said: “From the start, the support from Unique IQ has been excellent. If I have any queries, problems or general support, there is always someone available to help. The response is very speedy, from both the support and development teams.”

The Implementation

Unique IQ worked closely with the management at Home Instead Bexhill, tailoring the product to their needs while implementing upgrades and new features throughout the first 18 months, such as schedule routing and real-time alerts, at no extra cost.

Following the successful launch of IQ:timecard, in 2018 Unique IQ introduced Home Instead Senior Care Bexhill to eMAR, our electronic medication administration record system, an additional feature within the IQ:timecard software. eMAR has given office staff the peace of mind to know their Care Professionals always have access to the latest medication information.

Through their IQ:timecard MOBILE app, Bexhill’s Care Professionals receive clear medication instructions, and office staff receive real-time alerts for missed medication or errors, meaning they can act quickly and respond.

Since eMAR became an important part of the everyday work at Home Instead Bexhill, Unique IQ continued to implement upgrades and additional features, including those specifically requested by the team at Bexhill.

Caroline said: “If as an individual client, we have a specific problem or request the answer to a question, or even would like some aspect of the product tweaked to reflect our specific needs, we are listened to, and the feature is developed in line with our requirements. This assists in ensuring that the product fits our business, and we do not have to change our processes to fit the product.”

The Results

Unique IQ’s portfolio of products has helped Bexhill’s Care Professionals save admin time on tasks and clocking in. Instead, they have more opportunities to talk, interact and care. The digital toolkit has also helped to reduce the administration processes for those within the office and has reduced costs and risks across the business, especially following the replacement of paper MAR charts.

Since introducing eMAR, Home Instead Bexhill has fully replaced its paper MAR charts. Instead, they are now using a completely digital system for medication administration.

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