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How Can Contract Cleaners Retain Staff?

It goes without saying that the foundation, the very cornerstone of every contract cleaning company is the cleaners. They are the face of the business, they provide the service that the company offers, and it’s more important than ever for businesses to build a solid core of employees that are happy and settled in their work. Retaining staff is crucial for contract cleaning businesses.

Unfortunately, the contract cleaning industry carries with it many reasons why staff retention isn’t the greatest.  Many operatives have multiple cleaning jobs and will need to balance their shifts in order to work as many hours as possible – they often need to shift jobs and companies in order to achieve this balance. Many cleaning staff are also on minimum wage, so if another company offers even slightly more for the same position, employees will soon jump ship.

It makes sense, then, that one of the key things a company can do to hang onto their staff is pay the right wage. Many companies get caught out by underpaying their employees for the time they spend travelling to each client destination, and this can sometimes end up with them being paid under the minimum wage. Cleaning companies should always offer their staff a living wage to boost retention rates.

With many cleaning staff balancing multiple jobs or contract with numerous firms, it’s important to offer total flexibility where shifts are concerned. With the right scheduling and workforce management software, balancing shifts and ensuring that employees have wriggle room if they need to swap their working hours is easy. Cleaners are more likely to stay with a company if they have flexible shifts that allow for things like childcare, public transport and last-minute shift swaps.

Lastly, the cleaning profession should be treated with the utmost importance. Many see it as unskilled work, but the world of professional cleaning is growing rapidly, and the best businesses offer development, training, progression and stability for their best workers. Ensure that your team know there is a route forwards and they will not be stuck on the same wages and in the same position forever. Cleaning can be just as much of a career as law or medicine, and if you invest in your staff, they will repay it with loyalty and pride in their work.