Remote Workforce Management

Comprehensive Workforce Management & Electronic Call Monitoring: Mobile. Effective. Efficient. Intuitive.


Real Time Alerts

Comprehensive real time alerting of any time critical visits that are running late or have been missed


Capture Service Delivery Data

Realtime data puts office staff in control showing you actual punctuality and duration of visit information


Third Party Integration

Real time integration with third party payroll systems such as Sage Payroll, QuickBooks, Xero.

IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner helps your business:
• Efficiently manage your workforce
• Reduce office processing
• Streamline communication
• Reduce costs
• Evidence service delivery
• Ensure quality service
• Lone Worker Safety
• National Living Wage Compliance

IQ:timecard is an electronic monitoring solution which allows you to log care worker visits via a landline or mobile device. This web based solution seamlessly monitors your care delivery in real-time, reducing the need for paper based time sheets and reduces the risk of over payment. With real-time alert functions included, IQ:timecard can inform you of any time critical visits that are running late or have been missed. Lone worker safety alerts are also available so your staff will feel safe when visiting clients with possible challenging behaviour

IQ:careplanner allows you to produce schedules and care plans. Using the best matching function, IQ:careplanner will suggest the best suited care worker based on the care workers distance from visit, service user preferences and also care worker skills, qualifications and more.


With cutting-edge technology and a unique focus on the user experience, Unique IQ’s services will streamline processes, reduce back office costs and optimise your approach to remote workforce management.


Fully hosted and managed, our cutting edge electronic call monitoring (ECM) application has been carefully designed and developed to provide cost-effective and real-time information on off-site workforce activity.


IQ:timecard is robust, reliable and refreshingly straightforward. IQ:timecard offers bespoke performance on an off-the-shelf budget, helping busy managers to store, track and organise their employees’ time from a single central location.


Quick and easy to access with an intuitive interface to make navigation easy, the system is also incredibly responsive and engineered to provide peace of mind at financial and practical levels.

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