Meeting contractual obligations with care management software

When tendering for home care contracts from local authorities and Integrated care boards (ICBs), understanding and evidencing contracted service delivery is an important issue for home care leaders.

This can be especially daunting for SMEs who may have less experience reporting and providing data about the services they are delivering and have no idea where to start.

That’s why it is important to ensure that data relating to contractual obligations and service delivery is easy to acquire, compile and visualise. 

Sounds like a lot of work, right? With IQ:caremanager it doesn’t have to be

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Evidencing contractual obligations with care software

With clients of all sizes using our software, the topic of proving service delivery to a local authority is something we have championed for a while. And for us, it starts with a bit of extra work and attention during the planning stage of onboarding clients.

Easily look up contracted hours vs service delivered

When setting up a client in the system, we encourage users to enter the number of hours that have been commissioned to be delivered. When creating a visit schedule for a client, this ensures that a count of how many hours were commissioned versus the number scheduled that week is visible. 

Not only does this provide a running tally of whether a contract is being fulfilled correctly, but it also can provide the hard data needed to make a case for increasing or decreasing the planned care package. As a business, this allows monitoring of care delivery against the contract or evidence to use to highlight where more funding is needed.

Flag problem visits before they become an issue for clients

Problem Visits is a visual indicator feature within IQ:caremanager that brings to attention to something wrong with a visit and why. E.g. too many carers assigned, not enough carers assigned, the designated carer is on holiday or sick, the carer doesn’t have the right qualifications or doesn’t match the client’s preferences.

Problem Visits are visually indicated in red within the Daily Overview. They can also be viewed as a list in the ‘problem visits’ dashboard. This helps to prevent contracted visits from being missed or fulfilled incorrectly – ensuring that issues are solved quickly and a high level of satisfaction from clients and local authorities is maintained.

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