Leveraging technology in a remote CQC inspection

Just like in an in-person CQC inspection, care management technology can play a crucial role in providing the information CQC inspectors are looking for. Here, we’ll look at specific functionalities of our software that can help domiciliary home care agencies prepare for a remote inspection with the CQC.

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How to utilise care management technology to ace a remote inspection

Here we’ll cover some basic examples of the ways that our care management technology can support a remote inspection. But for a more thorough overview – download our guide to remote inspections.

Admissions and new clients

Automated reports can be used to quickly gather specific data sets for inspection purposes.

In our system, useful reports are pre-configured and can be generated in a few clicks. For more complex information, users can create bespoke Dynamic Reports to pick almost any data field used in the system and generate the report they need.

E.g. a user can quickly create a report to find all new clients within a certain period.

A screenshot of an automated report in IQ:timecard

Staff training and supervision

Inspectors may spend time looking into your records of staff training, appraisals, qualifications and references.
Our software helps you to keep detailed records of all the above. Personal details such as contact information, pay details and job skills can be inputted and updated as required.

Training programmes, qualifications and experience can be recorded, with alerts set to remind you when accreditations are due to expire.

Appraisals can also be planned and recorded within the system, with the ability to set Outcomes and make notes to ensure that personal development targets are met. These can be further communicated to carers via Contact Logs.

Screenshot of IQ:caremanager

Drugs and medicines management

With eMAR, drugs and medicine administration is recorded digitally through our system. This means it’s easy to generate evidence of your medicine management process to an inspector.

Our eMAR dashboard provides users with a broad overview of what is happening across the care agency in a selected time period – highlighting interesting data such as top medications, eMAR signoffs and medication outcomes.

Screenshot of eMAR system in IQ:timecard

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