Before IQ:timecard things were very different at Home Instead Sutton Coldfield. The team was much smaller, with fewer staff and clients, and many manual processes that were difficult to track.

The Challenge

With over 140 Care Professionals to manage and a variety of services including companionship, home help and personal care to provide, the management team at Home Instead Sutton Coldfield were looking for a way to improve payroll procedures, health and safety and their overall service for vulnerable clients.

Prior to using IQ:timecard, the Care Professionals at Home Instead Sutton Coldfield filled in weekly timesheets and there were concerns about how much this lengthy process was costing the business. There were also issues with health and safety; it was difficult to track the location of Care Professionals as they travelled between client locations.

Potential missed client calls were also a worry – the team at Sutton Coldfield needed a way of knowing whether their clients, especially the vulnerable adults, had received a visit or not.

The management team began looking for a new system in early 2012, aiming to resolve their time consuming and expensive process, bring additional safety to their Care Professionals whilst they visited clients and provided extra peace of mind to their clients.

By the summer their solution had been found, IQ:timecard by Unique IQ.

The Implementation

When Home Instead Sutton Coldfield installed IQ:timecard, many different benefits became apparent to the team. Efficiency was increased, they had heightened control over certain costs, there were new tools and resources to help with health and safety for lone workers, and their end-user service had been enhanced.

If a Care Professionals missed a call, they would now feel valued and appreciated when their manager would give them a quick call to check everything was alright – an especially crucial point with remote workers, where they can often feel isolated and ignored out on the road.

Managers also felt secure in the knowledge that the technology they were using was supporting the delivery of a great service.

The Results

IQ:timecard is a great way to facilitate growth in a business. In just two years, the number of Care Professionals working for Home Instead Sutton Coldfield doubled, allowing them to provide a higher standard of care service for their often-vulnerable clients.

It’s a true endorsement of Unique IQ that the country’s most trusted provider of domiciliary care chooses to use it’s time and attendance solution to aid growth, streamline costs and bring success and improvement across the board.

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