Implementing IQ:timecard turned out to be a crucial step for the Home Instead Cambridge office to grow the business through more efficient monitoring of staff and care delivery.

The Challenge

In the time before IQ:timecard, Care Professionals at the Cambridge office were required to complete a paper timesheet, which would be handed in at the office for collation. This was an inefficient way to track working hours, as far as the Care Professionals and the management team were concerned, and it started to become a barrier for growth. In order to necessitate expansion and accommodate more clients, Home Instead would need to switch to a more efficient method of tracking their employees’ whereabouts.

The Implementation

Home Instead began implementing IQ:timecard across the Cambridge area in June 2012. Advance notice was given in writing to clients beforehand, and all Care Professionals were instructed on how to use the service appropriately.

The Results

Since the system has been in place, Home Instead Cambridge have been able to access real-time information on their staff, monitoring home visits and the number of hours worked. They were also able to save on time, paper and postage for both Care Professionals and office staff, who all had to fill out lengthy timesheets after home visits. For the employees, the system of clocking in and out has been made much easier, while the management are privy to more accurate and timely information on the safety and location of their employees.

The future looks bright for Home Instead’s Cambridge office – the implementation of IQ:timecard facilitated great growth in the area, allowing more clients to be cared for in the comfort of their homes.

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