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3 ways to improve home care delivery for satisfied clients

In the field of home care, satisfied clients are critical to the success of your business. Quite simply, home care clients are integral to home care providers and are the essential reason why each company exists. In order to retain these important customers, home care companies must be constantly looking for ways to improve their service delivery, keeping them satisfied with the care that they are receiving.

This can be difficult, especially as resources continue to be stretched in the sector. However, maintaining excellent standards of care is not impossible. A survey by the Department of Health and Guardian Social Care gave insight into the areas that would help to improve homecare. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Cultivate a culture of friendliness and genuine care amongst your staff.

While caring for a client is a job, workers must be aware of the social aspect of their role. Understand that each client is a person with emotional needs, rather than an ‘item’ that is to be cared for. Ensure your care workers are respectful of service users, as well as the needs of their friends and family. Treating staff fairly with pay and hours can help to ensure each worker is compassionate in their role.

  • Ensure each client is allocated sufficient time for each visit.

This continues to be a growing problem with many care providers – especially as staff numbers are low and money is scarce. Last October, a study found that a quarter of care visits were cut short in Wales due to staff shortages. Allocating enough time for each client enables staff to perform their duties of care, as well as simply being there socially for the service user.

  • Employ staff with a diverse skillset to give clients better choice over services.

As the needs of many home care customers continues to become more complex, it is important to employ staff capable of helping them. Be aware of the individual skills that your staff possess and adapt your service offering to meet that.

IQ:careplanner is our homecare focussed care planning software, packed with features to facilitate each of these points. With an intelligent care plan creation tool, staff scheduling based on a ‘best matched’ function and a home care portal, employees can be utilised much more effectively, enabling providers to allocate suitable staff for each client, ensuring every visit is timely and long enough to keep each customer satisfied.