Real Time Alerts

Comprehensive real time alerting of any time critical visits that are running late or have been missed


Third Party Integration

Real time integration with third party payroll systems such as Sage Payroll, QuickBooks, Xero.


A New Approach to Remote Workforce Management

Take advantage of our complete solution to manage your end-to-end operational requirements from recruitment, rostering, care planning, monitoring and time & attendance, through to payroll and invoicing

Cost-effective, strategic and user friendly, it is packed with functionality which empowers users to tap into a range of operational, cost and time saving benefits. With a rich set of features we make employee management easy, from carer recruitment right through to invoice and payroll. Combining IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner helps your business:

• Efficiently manage your workforce
• Reduce office processing
• Streamline communication
• Reduce costs
• Evidence service delivery
• Ensure quality service
• Lone Worker Safety
• National Living Wage Compliance


Electronic Call Monitoring

Using IQ:timecard employees can phone into our freephone telephony system to clock in and out of locations. Our telephony system uses landline verification to ensure that they are clocking in at your clients location.

Mobile Application

Employees can use IQ:timecard’s mobile app on their Android or Apple device to clock in and view schedules for the day. Use the mobile apps GPS service to ensure that your employees are clocking in where they say they are.

Risk Assessment

Use IQ:careplanner’s risk assessment feature to create scenarios and potential outcomes. This can then be automatically included in your generated care plans.

Care Plan Production

Use IQ:careplanner to populate information about your clients and then automatically generate personalised care plans for each of your clients, saving hours of your staff’s time.

Real Time Alerts

  • Notify employees of upcoming shifts
  • Alert office staff when an employee is late or has missed a shift
  • Send custom messages in bulk to employees


Use IQ:careplanner to directly invoice your clients for the hours of care they have received or have been scheduled to receive.


Our mileage calculation system automatically determines how many miles your employees are travelling and then, once you’ve set-up mileage claim rules, you can generate mileage claim reports for your employees.

Dynamic Reporting

Our reporting platform allows you to deeply interrogate data, providing you with powerful business insights.

Compliance Reporting

Use IQ:careplanner & IQ:timecard to ensure you are compliant.


Real-time generation of time sheets and payroll data. Additional integration with third party payroll systems such as Sage Payroll, Quickbooks and Xero.

HR Management

  • Live status to see where your employees are in real-time
  • Reports to ensure you’re HMRC compliant
  • 2 way SMS to communicate between remote workers and office staff

Client & Funder Management

Use IQ:careplanner to fully manage client and funder options


With cutting-edge technology and a unique focus on the user experience, Unique: IQ’s services will streamline processes, reduce back office costs and optimise your approach to remote workforce management.


Fully hosted and managed, our cutting edge electronic call monitoring (ECM) application has been carefully designed and developed to provide cost-effective and real-time information on off-site workforce activity.


IQ:timecard is robust, reliable and refreshingly straightforward. IQ:timecard offers bespoke performance on an off-the-shelf budget, helping busy managers to store, track and organise their employees’ time from a single central location.


Quick and easy to access with an intuitive interface to make navigation easy, the system is also incredibly responsive and engineered to provide peace of mind at financial and practical levels.

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Real Time Alerts
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