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IQ:timecard helps remote workers connect with management for better engagement

Providing constant and instant contact between management and employees – IQ:timecard can help staff feel better connected with their employers for a more motivated workforce. The real-time call monitoring system allows employees to regularly ‘check-in’ with their company, increasing levels of engagement even when working remotely.

Employees that are engaged will be more committed to and will work harder for the company that they work for, making this factor of increasing importance to business owners of any size. Organisations with a workforce that operates remotely however can find that the lack of contact received on a regular basis can lead to disengaged staff.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “Driving employee engagement is a vital step towards building a happy and motivated workforce that operates with the company as a team. Without the physical working space and daily interaction with senior colleagues however it can be challenging for a lone worker or a remote workforce to feel emotionally connected with their employers. Keeping in touch regularly is a simple but effective way to increase these levels of engagement – IQ:timecard is a platform for achieving this contact.”

When using IQ:timecard, employees call up a dedicated number upon arrival on site, which then automatically logs the time they arrived to a shift, and again upon leaving. All data is then stored on a web-based system where staff and managers can see a clear overview of shift patterns worked. Using this innovative online system, a level of interaction is achieved that is not possible when using conventional paper timesheets.

Lynes continued, “For increasing levels of engagement, the most useful thing about IQ:timecard is that it is a real-time solution. When filling out and posting physical paper timesheets, it can take days for remote workers to receive any acknowledgement. IQ:timecard creates a platform for instant and frequent contact as the workforce activity data is logged as soon as it happens.”

As effective when used with a remote team of three or a wider network of workers across the country, IQ:timecard can revolutionise workforce management for a whole host of businesses.

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