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IQ:careplanner for Care Homes – Not Only for Home Care Providers

Here at UniqueIQ, or IQ:careplanner solution is known and loved by renowned home care companies such as Autism Together and Precious Passionate Care. With our extensive experience in developing digital solutions to make operating a remote workforce simpler, our tool was naturally adopted by home care providers quickly, who also work using remote staff. However, many of the challenges that our care-focussed software was created to solve are apparent throughout the entire sector, not just within home care. This makes IQ:careplanner perfect for care homes, not only for care home providers.

Intelligent care plan creation

The care industry now, more than ever, must utilise its resources in order to continue offering excellent standards of care – this is apparent in both the care home and the homecare environment. With cuts continuing to impact the sector, the tight schedules and unfair pay that often result causes staffing numbers to fall dramatically, putting further strain on care operations.

IQ:careplanner is an intelligent tool that takes into account all factors to create efficient, effective care plans, made using digital data and workflows. This type of planning system is needed to create customer focussed rotas that in turn, are also better suited to the workforce.

Digital portal of patient data

Even if care staff are posted in the same home or site, problems with patient information such as care or medical history records can also pose a risk to the standard of care that is received. With a care worker portal, it is possible to upload patient information to an easily accessible online portal, ensuring that information is communicated effectively.

Transparent scheduling

The care industry is not a 9-5 job, and those working within it often have different schedules each week. With zero hour contracts also commonplace in the sector, employees can be left unclear about their working patterns and their monthly pay. With IQ:careplanner, paper timesheets are replaced by digital scheduling systems. Staff are aware of their working hours each week, notified of any changes as and when they happen. With this transparent scheduling system, employees have a clearer insight into their pay expectations and should any dispute arise, it can be easily resolved.


Care organisations must perform many reports to ensure compliance with care standards, as well as other costs such as mileage and travel claims should a staff member visit a patient at varying locations. Our digital solution enables quick and simple reporting in many areas, reducing office processing time while keeping care companies compliant.

At UniqueIQ, we have extensive experience in developing operational software for use with remove workforces. We also have a long history of working with care clients, using this knowledge to produce a solution that is suitable across the wider care sector.

If you have any more questions about using IQ:careplanner within a care home environment, get in touch with us online or book a free demo to discover its features.