Santa skating

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, offering the opportunity to spend a few rare, lazy days with friends, family and loved ones. However, while many of us make special memories at Christmas time it can also cause home care clients to recall similar moments from years ago, making it a difficult time filled with mixed emotions. As a care provider it is important to understand this, and use your time with each client to bring some love, warmth and festive cheer to those that you care for. This holiday season, capture the magic of Christmas with these fun festive activities for home care clients!

Give a gift

This may seem obvious, but giving a gift to place under their Christmas tree will let you clients know that you care for them at this time of year. If you run a home care company, why not initiate some kind of secret Santa between your clients or staff to make it a fun event to really get involved in!

Explore their past

Christmas means something different to everyone – while some people enjoy playing a particular card game, others may have been responsible for making the cake year after year. Learn what Christmas means to your client and use this to inform the activities that you enjoy with them.

Attend local events

There are many community activities over Christmas time, ranging from carol services, card making days and charity events. Again, if you run a home care company, organising a group trip to one of these could make a great day out that your client will love.

Christmas crafts

Crafts aren’t just for children – unleash your client’s creative side and encourage them to create decorations, presents or cards. A simple search on Pinterest can bring up a whole host of fun ideas including candle holders, sock snowman toys and reindeer finger puppets. As well as being incredibly fun, they can then be used to decorate the home with festive cheer once they have been made.

Christmas crooning

Over the years there have been hundreds of songs released over Christmas time. Music is known for its mood-boosting, therapeutic properties, so find out your client’s favourite era and treat them to a Christmas album to enjoy. Whether they prefer Frank Sinatra or Wham!, they are bound to appreciate the gift of music at Christmas time.

How will you be celebrating Christmas with your home care clients? Share your tips in our comments below!