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The nature of remote working means that the usual benefits of working in the same physical environment are difficult to replicate. For example, many of the elements of time management are difficult to keep on top of, as lateness and missed appointments are harder to track in remote working environments. This can make remote workforce management in sectors like health care and cleaning industries quite challenging and it can make team management tasks much more time-consuming than they need to be.

One way to help streamline remote working and to help directors and managers to work more closely with remote workers is to set up a virtual working environment. To enable this, a solution like IQ:timecard is ideal, bringing you and your workforce closer together.


What is IQ:timecard?

IQ:timecard is a comprehensive, customisable online tool that enables remote workforce management, through easy and quick functions such as workforce scheduling and monitoring, real-time alerts, reporting, automated schedule reminders and claims management. IQ:timecard enables workforce monitoring with real-time data about employees’ working hours through a mobile device that employees use.

The IQ:careplanner is another great solution for many of the administrative elements of managing a remote workforce in the care industry, such as producing careplans, payroll, scheduling and invoicing. These two solutions are integrated to give you the full set of functions, or used as separate solutions, depending on your business requirements.

Better time management through real-time alerts

In the care industry, missed or late arrivals at appointments need to be flagged and worked around as soon as possible. Having a tool like IQ:timecard that immediately flags these issues enables you to make alternative arrangements and will also provide you with employee time management data. If you then have an issue with an employee’s time management further down the line, you can use the data to discuss the issue.

Having this online real-time capability also means that you won’t need to keep calling employees to check up on them, which will allow your remote workforce to concentrate on their appointments rather than updating you on their whereabouts. If the benefits of using the tool are discussed with employees in the right way, they can feel more trusted in their work, giving them greater levels of job satisfaction.

Improved employee security

Remote workers who do home visits are constantly going into environments where they may feel their safety is compromised. This can obviously be very distressing at times but having an online tool that provides both the lone worker and employer safety alerts can give employees reassurance and help them feel safer when they are at work. Therefore, helping to reduce your turnover and increasing employee satisfaction.

Evidence of service delivery

For compliance, dealing with complaints or analysing the effectiveness of care delivery, having online records of service delivery is of great benefit. Accurate record keeping makes tasks like investigations and providing evidence much easier for both remote workers and management. Plus having all of this in one area and reports generated for you helps to reduce admin time.


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