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How Workforce Monitoring Solutions Can Make Appraisals Easy

Appraisals are a regular part of working life for many, and for employees they are the gateway to better pay or improved positions at work. For their employers, however, it can be a difficult process trying to figure out which employees have justified a rise without the appropriate information.

Luckily for the employers struggling to give fair appraisals, having appropriate workforce monitoring solutions can help them collate the data that can help inform their decision. For example, if a staff member asks for a performance review or a pay rise, employers can study the raw data of their employment before they make a decision.

One key factor in deciding to boost someone’s salary is their reliability. What is their absence record like? How often do they call in sick? Are there patterns to the absences, or do they happen once in a blue moon? Many time and attendance solutions offer the answers to these questions right there in black and white, so employers can better make a decision on how they choose to proceed.

Similarly, many employers will be looking at their employee’s proclivity to work overtime and pitch in when they need to. Remote workforce monitoring systems help to track the amount of overtime worked by an individual and collate it on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. If someone is found to be regularly filling in for colleagues and putting in extra hours wherever they’re needed, it’s more likely that they’d be granted a raise in their performance review.

Lastly, it’s important for employers to take a look at how much their team member is already earning, compared with the rest of the workforce. Are they already earning more money? Is this because of their wage bracket or the sheer number of hours they work? This is an important consideration and will be of great interest to the finance department, which will need to sanction any form of pay rise or bonus before it goes through.

Having all of this information to hand is incredibly useful for many management teams, who can make informed decisions on their employees’ future with ease; it also demonstrates how integrates payroll and workforce management solutions can make many tasks in the workplace more efficient and more accurate.