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Workforce Monitoring Resolutions We Should All Abide By

The New Year is fast approaching, and businesses across the country will be writing up resolutions and goals that they want their workforce to achieve in 2015. Here at IQ:timecard, we’ve put together a list of suggestions and ideas for home care, security and contract cleaning services that are striving for success on all fronts over the coming twelve months. Which ones will you be taking on?

Travel Time Payment

Many employees are still not being paid for their travel time when they work as domiciliary care assistants or contract cleaners. This can result in them earning less than the recommended National Minimum Wage – something that the government are actively seeking to stamp out. If you’re unsure of whether your employees are earning over the recommended amount, run one of our IQ:timecard’s built-in reports, which will wave a red flag if you’re falling foul of the regulations.

Make Wellness A Priority

‘Wellness’ is the big buzzword in the workplace at the moment – we’ve written on it extensively in Tomorrow’s Cleaning recently, and we’re urging more businesses to pay it more attention. When managing remote employees, it’s not enough to simply track their movements and monitor their punctuality – it’s crucial to ensure they’re in the right state of mind to perform their relatively isolated work, often in tough conditions. Whatever changes you implement in the New Year, make wellness one of the priorities.

Analyse Your Analytics

Are you using analytics effectively enough? IQ:timecard can accumulate masses of data on staff members, their working patterns and their salary brackets, and all of this information can be used to streamline the business and drive it forwards. ‘Big data’ is set to get even bigger in 2015 – make sure your business doesn’t get left behind!

Go Paperless

You have all the resources now to really crack down on the amount of paper used in your business. Cloud-based systems have revolutionised how businesses store and organise data, and mobile devices mean employees no longer have to use paper timesheets or clock-in forms. The totally paperless office may be a few more years away, but you can make great strides in 2015 and take a great chunk off your business’ carbon footprint.