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Workforce Management Tools Can Contribute Towards Higher Standards of Service in Home Care Industry

An increasing number of home care providers are seeing an overall improvement in their service standards as many of them become accustomed to the trials and tribulations of remote workforce management. The Care Inspectorate report conducted in Scotland looked at the results of three years of inspections within the home care sector and found that steady progression and improvement was taking place, leading experts to believe that companies in the industry are finding more efficient ways of managing their staff and optimising their budgets.

IQ:timecard is a time and attendance solution combining workforce management with payroll software – it allows management teams to focus on providing a superior service for clients without getting caught up in paperwork or spending too much of their time working on employee schedules. Employees are also seeing the benefits; the solution allows them to check in and out of client locations quickly and easily, and ensures that they get paid exactly what they earn, rather than missing out because they made a mistake on their timecard.

David Lynes, Managing Director of IQ:timecard, says, “The news that standards are improving in Scotland is fantastic for the home care industry – around 80% of the services inspected were found to be of a good standard, and an increasing percentage of companies achieved top marks during the expert assessment. The great improvement over the last three years indicate that businesses are finding better, more efficient ways to manage their staff and provide a higher standard of service.”

He adds, “Many of our own clients at IQ:timecard are from the home care industry, and the feedback we’ve received from them is in line with the Care Inspectorate report’s findings – our solution facilitates great efficient, fantastic savings across the entire company and an improvement in overall services from the first day of implementation.”

The report also found that erratic visiting times and understaffing were among the most common problems for the care homes that were underperforming. These are problems that can be rectified with a workforce monitoring solution like IQ:timecard – the simple software allows managers to better schedule visiting times and ensure that staff stick to them by tracking their arrival and departure times. At times when companies are running with less staff, HR managers can also ensure that clients are getting the care that they need with a streamlined interface that gives managers an in-depth overview of their employees’ status and attendance at certain locations.

As more home care companies get to grips with managing their workforces and making use of the technology available to them, IQ:timecard will continue to grow and evolve, offering features that will boost efficiency and help to ensure that all those in the home care industry, as well as other sectors like security and contract cleaning, can offer the service their clients demand.