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What will home care planning look like in the future? Unique IQ explains

It is clear that the British care industry needs a major change in the way it is managed in order to thrive and survive in the coming year. A number of solutions have already entered the market, aiming to offer the solution to this growing problem, yet non are better for the job than IQ:careplanner, developed by Unique IQ. Here the experts in remote workforce management explain the unique features of this new tool further, giving a glimpse into the future of how the industry could be run.

David Lynes, Director of Unique IQ revealed, “We developed our latest system to actively address the home care sector, creating something to improve the service that is offered while keeping control of finances and saving crucial time. In order to achieve this, we included a number of exclusive features.

“IQ:careplanner can schedule staff, and its ‘best matched’ function suggests the appropriate worker for each job. Using factors such as distance from visit and specific skillset, the right employee for each client is chosen every time. To build on this, effective care plans can also be built on the platform, while a care worker portal has been included to give staff access to a personal dashboard with their time sheet and meeting reminders, improving the punctuality of a workforce.”

IQ:careplanner was developed by Unique IQ, the makers of renowned remote workforce management software, IQ:timecard. Using its expertise and advanced technical knowledge, Unique IQ has tailored its staff management system to directly address the home care sector. IQ:careplanner is revolutionising home care planning with its series of distinctive features and innovative processes that enable care providers to dramatically improve and streamline their operations.

David continued, “Patient data is also another important aspect of home care, and our document management system means that staff can instantly view a client’s medical records, ensuring that all care is completed consistently and effectively, reducing the risk of fatal error.”

Unique IQ has strong experience in the home care sector, already serving hundreds of health and care clients across the UK. This new system from the leading software development company showcases its commitment to aiding the industry with innovative digital tools.

David concluded, “Ultimately, the main aim of IQ:careplanner is to make every home care employee’s day run that bit smoother which in turn, saves money, saves time and improves the service that is given. These three thing are so important to the continued success of this crucial industry.”