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Why you should encourage your employees to work from home

Whether it be for financial reasons, an idea requested by staff or a conscious decision by the company, more and more organisations are changing their infrastructure to allow their employees to work from home either part or full time. Years ago, being asked to work from home would strike fear in employees, being the first step towards being asked to leave the company, but now it is an option that is enjoyed by many workers of all disciplines, all over the word.

Are you a business owner considering changing your policy towards remote working? Here are our reasons as to why you should encourage your employees to work from home.

Saving money

In the challenging modern business environment, it is crucial to keep costs low wherever possible. For any organisation, rental on an office space and the cost of upkeep and supplies can be the cause of the biggest outgoings financially. Allowing team members to work remotely means that office supplies will need to be replenished less and the size of your office could be reduced dramatically, reducing with it the cost of rental. This can leave your company with more money left to spend on the things that matter most.

Better performing employees

Contrary to popular belief, some studies have found that employees who work at home are more productive than their office based counterparts. When working from home, employees will still be able to work even when not feeling slightly ill or tired, without having the long commute and office environment to put them off from coming in to work. More time can be spent with their family too when home working, resulting in a happier and as such, better performing workforce.

It’s easy!

Technologies that utilise the cloud and app based solutions are developing in order to support the increase in remote and home working. Using the cloud, important files and virtual documents can be stored and downloaded from anywhere with internet access, reducing the technological dependence on a physical office.

HR departments too can stay functional when coping when allowing employees to work from home, with the range of software available to manage a remote workforce. Using the app based solution from IQ:timecard, business owners can keep track of the working habits of their staff, no matter the location. Available to be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet, home workers can log their arrival and departure times to a shift in real-time. When used successfully, this solution can increase trust between worker and management, to make the move towards working from home run smoothly.