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Why the home care sector needs a workforce management solution

Reliance on home care from external companies is a reality that much of the ageing population will need to face as they reach their older years. Yet for something so crucial to human existence, the social health and care sector is one that is constantly faced by a number of challenges, posing a risk to the level of service that these care providers can offer.

For example, as an industry that relies on remote workers traveling across the country to meet each client, disputes over the hours that are deemed as working ones can often arise, leading to discrepancies over payment that is received. Dissatisfaction and a lack of morale is often experienced by these workers due to factors like this, in an industry that relies on energy and compassion to survive. Unfortunately, this compassion can be difficult to come across if a worker feels under appreciated. Even for companies with a clear payment policy, finding the funds to pay a full team fairly and to care for all of those in need of support can be challenging as further budget cuts continue to arise.

Financial issues aside, the day to day work of a home care company involves dealing with the increasingly complex and diverse conditions of their clients, requiring levels of organisation and access to information that can prove difficult when relying on such a dispersed, remote and busy workforce. While challenging, failure to operate with this information to hand can prove detrimental to the service that is provided.

However, with the right tools and assistance the home care industry can thrive and continue to upkeep the welfare of the nation. But in order to achieve this, the home care sector needs a workforce management solution.

An intelligent workforce care planning solution is needed to clearly notify staff of when they are working and the hours of payment this will accumulate to, ensuring clarity across the entire workforce. It will also remind them of last minute changes to rotas or notify them when meetings are scheduled. Management can utilise the little resources they have with an easy-to-use yet precise scheduling system, ensuring each and every client is satisfied. Finally, to ensure that all vital knowledge is easily accessible, it will act as a portal between staff and management, improving communication no matter where each employee is located.

IQcareplanner offers all of this and more to its customers, making it the workforce management solution that the home care industry needs. To learn more about the intelligent care planning solution, head online.