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Why teamwork is important in a remote workforce

Many business owners know that encouraging teamwork is a key factor when managing employees. When working in an office environment this is important to help with group projects, boost morale and ensure that every task is completed quickly and efficiently. If you are in charge of looking after a remote workforce however, this aspect of teamwork should be even more of a priority.

Although there are many benefits of working remotely such as better flexibility, improved work/life balance and even increased levels of productivity, it can be easy for employees away from the office environment to feel isolated, detached from the company they work for and unaware of the goals you strive to meet. Teamwork can help to improve this greatly.

Promotes ‘self-management’

Even the best behaved employees may not perform to the best of their ability if they feel no managerial presence when they are working, which is often the case with a remote workforce. Without this superior member of staff it can be hard for employees to know where to turn when facing challenges too. If you encourage teamwork within your workforce then natural dynamics will form, and the group can solve problems, delegate tasks and help each other perform well on site.

Magnifies motivation

As mentioned previously, working remotely can be isolating for some which in turn can lead to a loss of morale in your staff and a lack of willingness to do well for the company that employs them. When working in an office environment, colleagues can help to pick up a worker when they are having a hard day and friendships can be formed, making coming to work an enjoyable experience. If your employees are stationed remotely, but work within a group, encourage social events and teambuilding exercises within your company to create a workforce that encourages each other to do well and supports each other.

Quicker response

When managing a workforce, filling in shift gaps at the last minute can be one of the most difficult tasks. If your team works well together then you can enjoy the benefits of a more flexible labour force. With good teamwork employees will be willing to negotiate with each other, filling in for shifts when one worker cannot and vice versa. This will become fairly autonomous if your employees have a good relationship with each other, which can only be encouraged with teamwork.

At Unique IQ, our goal is to help businesses manage a remote workforce more effectively. Keep reading out blog for more hints and tips to help you experience the benefits that remote working can bring to your company.