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Why HR needs to tap into the future

Smartphones and accompanying pieces of touchscreen technology such as tablets are fast becoming an integral part of many people’s day to day lives, with a vast popularity of the UK population owning one of these devices and interacting with them regularly on a daily basis. In September a guest article on HR Magazine highlighted the fact that HR departments could leverage this modern-day habit in order to streamline the way in which they operate – especially when the associated business relies on a remote workforce. We couldn’t agree with this point more here at IQ:timecard.

Smartphones are portable by their very nature, making them the perfect tool to complement a staff management system that is designed to plan and maintain the working schedules of a workforce that is constantly on the move. And this is why the team at Unique IQ developed the IQ:timecard solution further, enabling the benefits of the traditional call monitoring system to be utilised in the form of a smartphone app.

What are the benefits of going mobile with HR technology?

By going mobile, the IQ:timecard app enables its users to still enjoy the benefits of the traditional time and attendance solution, but in a more streamlined way and with a whole host of additional features all in one place.

While the call monitoring process used in the original IQ:timecard format was much faster and more accurate than using traditional paper timesheet systems, staff scheduling and attendance monitoring has been revolutionised even further by embracing smartphone technology. Logging arrival and departure data is as simple as tapping a screen, while employees are given access to a 7-day overview of their working week, updated in real-time should any changes occur. With instant access to this data in a format that is natural to them, communication is greatly improved.

Using GPS technology it is also possible for management to be aware of their employee’s exact location at any given time during the working day. Not only does this improve staff planning and management, but it also can be used for monitoring lone workers for safety purposes. None of this would be possible if we didn’t ‘tap into the future’ and design our HR management solution in an app-based format.

Smartphones and tablets have quickly become more than simply a tool for entertainment, and are now an essential item to help us run our day-to-day lives – so why can’t this include the working day too?

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