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What’s new for Unique IQ in 2017?

Well, we’ve finally said goodbye to 2016 and what a year it has been! Although last year is bound to be remembered as time when a series of monumental decisions were made across the globe, 2017 looks set to be just as exciting as we will soon see the true effect of these various events as the year rolls on.

Things have been just as thrilling at the Unique IQ HQ, and although we haven’t made any decisions that could change the world as such, we’ve made progress that could well transform the way a number of sectors operate in the future.

So before we reveal what’s new for Unique IQ in 2017, here’s how 2016 panned out for us.

We launched our mobile app

The world is increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to complete a wide range of tasks including banking, shopping, buying train tickets and more. In recent years this has extended to the workplace, especially in the world of remote working. We responded to the changing market, releasing our IQ:timecard system as a mobile app. Now, staff simply need to tap their screen of their mobile devices to log their arrival and departure times, giving management their most accurate data sets yet. In addition to this, rostering can be assigned and updated in real time, notifying staff of their working patterns instantly.

We launched IQ:careplanner

Our IQ:timecard solution has been used by a variety of sectors to help them streamline their operations, but one industry we have worked closely with is the home care sector. We understand the needs of home care providers, and the complexities that must be considered when designing an effective care planning system. After a challenging year for the industry, it became clear that a new solution was needed to safeguard its success in the future. With our extensive experience and technical know-how, we knew we were the company for the job!

To do this, we acquired Care Planning System, giving us the specialist framework we needed to build upon and launch IQ:careplanner.

We won the contract for Home Instead Ireland

While releasing our tailored care planning solution in the final few months of the year, we have also been fine-tuning IQ:timecard to meet the needs of our clients. It was great to be able to secure an exciting contract to lead us into 2017, showing that we’re making changes in all the right places! We are very proud to be supplying Home Instead IE with IQ:timecard.

What about 2017?

We can’t reveal too much, but this year we are committed to tailoring our integrated care planning solution and staff management system further to meet the needs of our customer. With our expertise in software innovation, we look forward to adding more features and further customisation, as well as paving the way for new partnerships and system integration to make our solution even more practical.

What do you want to see from Unique IQ in 2017? We’d love to hear your feedback – the year has only just begun, so the possibilities are endless!