Male holding an iPad

What does the future hold for a mobile workforce?

Companies all over the globe are embracing the move of allowing their workforces to become partly or even full mobile, and this trend looks set to grow substantially. This is not surprising, with many businesses who already are encouraging their employees to work from home (or any place other than the conventional office) noting improved productivity and overall happiness of their workers as a result. Here we take a look into what trends are driving this change in corporate culture, and predict a glimpse into what the future can hold for a mobile workforce.

Driven by analytics

The rise of big data and huge amounts of virtual information will be used to measure a workers performance, rather than conventional methods of project and employee management.

By implementing the use of virtual technologies, apps and cloud based solutions to complete day-to-day work based tasks, managers are able to gain a clear insight into the performance of their employees, even without overseeing them in the physical environment.

As technologies used for remote working develop to provide more accurate data, becoming more trusted and known on a widespread scale, this will encourage more employers to consider allowing employees to operate remotely.

Enabled by the Cloud

The development of the cloud, and cloud based computing has revolutionised many businesses. Without the need to pay for a highly valuable, physical hard drive too, storing files and running programmes on the cloud is saving companies a large amount of money as well.

Although the cloud has huge benefits for use in remote working, with members of staff being able to send, receive and work on files and documents seamlessly, understandably there are security concerns. The industry is responding however, with big cloud service providers such as Google automatically encrypting any data that is stored with them. Again, as these developments continue and the cloud comes more secure, companies will have no reason not to embrace the advantages that using cloud computing and file management systems can bring when enabling a remote workforce.

Reliance on mobile (even personal) devices

As the world becomes more and more mobile every day, this too will extend to the workplace. As more companies allow employees to use their own devices to access corporative files and to complete work based tasks, it will become common for work to be completed on mobile devices. This move will allow employees to be much more flexible, making remote working even more convenient in the future.