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Top Myths About Remote Working Debunked

More and more companies, across all sectors, are opening up to the idea of remote working. Ease of access to technology such as video calling and emails on the go makes remote working a viable option – it could even save money on office space. So why are many businesses still resisting the idea?

There are a lot of myths surrounding the idea of remote working which can put managers and business owners off. Many people think that allowing staff to work remotely comes with a risk – but can big name companies such as Apple, Amazon and IBM really be wrong? They are just some of the multinational companies which are embracing the remote working trend.

We’ve decided to debunk some of the most common myths about remote working – and you’ll see why it could actually develop and improve your business operations.

Workers can get distracted working from home – how will I know they are doing their job?

This can be solved in the initial hiring or training process. If you need to keep tabs on your staff all day, or they need lots of encouragement just to get their day to day tasks done, then you need new employees if they’re in a physical office or not.

True, there can be distractions at home and certain people could take advantage of not having a supervisor looking over their shoulder while working. But it’s all about finding the right person, with the right skills and attributes who you will be able to trust. If a worker is pro-active, can work to deadlines and is generally trustworthy, then there shouldn’t be a problem with them working remotely.

Additionally, there are many ways you can check in with your staff using technology. Skype calls, project management platforms and time and attendance solutions can all be used to monitor a remote workforce.

We work better when we’re all in the same place

It’s easy to see why many people presume if all team members are in the same place, the overall work will be of a higher standard. You can have physical meetings, generally get things done faster and clients and customers know the team is working together from this location.

However, the fact that your staff have to be in that geographical location can actually limit a business. You can hire people regardless of their location – the best customer service manager may be a two hour drive away, while one of the industry’s top designers may be located in another country. By allowing staff to work remotely, you can effectively widen the talent pool and offer an even better service to your clients.

Customers won’t trust us without a physical office

Wrong – more and more businesses are completely virtual thanks to the digital revolution. If you decide to let all your staff work remotely and ditch the office, you have the potential to save a lot of overheads, and put money back into your products and services. Many online services have no real need for an office, and modern customers understand this. If you run a business which calls for meetings with clients, you can hire meeting rooms just about anywhere, or alternatively host a video conference. As long as you have outstanding products and services, you can gain your customers’ confidence without a physical location. In fact, it could work in your favour as you promote your business as a forward thinking company.

Are you ready to embrace the remote working movement?