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Time-Wasting At Work – Are You Guilty?

There are numerous conflicting statistics from surveys about time wasted at work by employees on the clock – but it’s not hard to collate the figures and see that many businesses have a problem with keeping their workforce on-task. A survey by in 2013 found that 64% of people visited websites unrelated to work on a daily basis. Atlassian found that the average employee spends 16 minutes refocussing after handling incoming email, 91% daydreamed during meetings and 60% of work time is spent unproductively!

Every piece of research fields different statistics, but the overarching trend is clear – we all find it hard to stay focussed at work!

So how can we fight this battle – how do employers keep their workforce efficient and productive? The team here at IQ:timecard, where workforce monitoring is our forte, have come up with a few tips.

  1. Motivation

Offer employees tangible motivation to work harder. Set them targets that they won’t achieve by simply showing up for work and wasting up to 2 hours a day on social media – give them a real incentive to concentrate in meetings, be punctual for all off-site calls and give 110% in every work-related task.

  1. Stay Engaged

Workforce management is all about keeping in touch with employees – especially for businesses where the team works remotely. Try to make personal contact with each worker once a week, or every few days. Check in without imposing too much scrutiny on their workload; many employees will not function to their highest potential if they know they’re going to be grilled by their boss every few days about how much work they’ve done. Ask them how their day is going, check on their personal wellbeing and make sure they know that help is at hand should they need it.

  1. Praise Success

Praising success has a number of benefits – it boosts the morale of employees, and it also lets them know that their work is being monitored, even from afar. It keeps them efficient and productive, and gives them a subtle hint that if they slack off, it won’t go unnoticed.

  1. The Right Tools

The world of advanced technology that we live in has blessed us with a myriad of solutions for every workplace issue. Make sure that your technology is totally up-to-date to keep employees productive – if they are struggling using an outdated system, spending an hour a week perfecting their paper timesheet or battling with ancient technology, it may be time to introduce a new method.