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Time for a new change…

Most companies who employ remote workers need to have an element of trust, but trust will always be abused by some without the right tools in place. Web based time and attendance systems are the easiest and most cost effective way to help prevent fraudulent employees from taking advantage and can prevent unnecessary payroll disputes and lack of attendance.

But that still doesn’t alleviate the problem around which system to choose. It can always be a daunting thought as to how easy things are going to be to change and what sort of skills you need to implement them. That’s why with the IQ:timecard we’ve made it as quick and easy as possible without any hardware or software installation and without the need to employ any IT staff.

Staff tracking is becoming a fundamental part in any successful organisation that needs this type of attendance management. The ability to correctly capture the right data can be made simple and quick as well as providing companies with the knowledge of accurate information at the touch of a button. This process however, can only work if the staff that need to work with it are confident that their abilities will enable efficient usage of the system and also that the information provided is easy to manage, understandable and effortless.

We believe that with IQ:timecard, we have developed a system that can be used in any company that needs to put in place a control of their employees, but without causing alarm not only for the employee but also the team that then becomes responsible for the new application. Change is inevitable but doesn’t have to be something to be feared.