Male holding a mobile phone, background is blurred

Sunshine the whole year through!

Ever thought that everyone out there is trying to sell you something you don’t really want or need. What do we really want or need?

I come from a background of holiday sales and that certainly becomes a need after a long year of uncertainty, fighting the economic downturn, world cup fiascos, another summer without the sun and volcano eruptions to name but a few!

Now I’m not saying that a computer application can take the place of a holiday- it certainly won’t make you an ice cold drink while you soak up the sunshine or indeed treat you to a nice meal overlooking sunset beach, but it can at least pave the way to an easier working life until those moments that we all work towards arrive….

But think back to the first question…what do we really want or need? I’m all for an easy life, isn’t everyone? If you don’t put the IQ:tmecard on your want list, you’ll never know that it was what you actually always needed.