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Security Industries Must Do More to Protect Employees, says IQ:timecard

IQ:timecard, one of the UK’s top remote workforce monitoring solutions, has urged businesses in the security sector to protect their employees more effectively, after a spate of lone worker deaths within the industry.

One security guard was murdered on his first night in his new job at a construction site in Auckland, New Zealand. Two further security guards were killed in South Africa in September this year, when they were working remotely and carrying out a routine patrol. Had these security firms had better protection policies for lone workers, these incidents may not have occurred – and IQ:timecard is reaching out to all security companies to re-evaluate how they treat remote employees that often work in isolation.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “The vast majority of security work is carried out by remote workers operating on their own at various different client locations. It’s certainly a challenge for businesses to keep tabs on these employees while they’re working remotely, but it’s something that security firms need to address in order to ensure their employees’ safety.”

Mr Lynes adds, “With a time and attendance solution like IQ:timecard, businesses can monitor their employees from afar, keeping track of what time they clocked in and out, and how their working day is progressing. This gives them ample opportunity to raise the alarm if there’s an issue – for example, if a worker fails to clock out of one location and doesn’t clock in for their next job in a timely manner, the supervisory team can reach out to that staff member and coordinate assistance if needed. After the two awful incidents which resulted in the death of three men in New Zealand and South Africa, it’s never been more important for security business owners to ensure their safety protocols for lone workers are up to scratch.”

Protecting lone workers is one of the big challenges faced by businesses that employ remote staff. As well as the security industry, there are a multitude of remote workers in contract cleaning and domiciliary care, all of whom need to be supported by robust lone worker protection policies that offer peace of mind when they’re flitting between client locations and working in isolated environments.

IQ:timecard offers a simple and efficient way of tracking staff whereabouts, monitoring their clock-in and clock-out times, which can indicate if there’s a problem. The system also integrates fully with payroll and scheduling systems to provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing remote staff.