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The role of flexible working and equality

Flexible working has been praised for many reasons, helping to improve work/life balance, streamlining costs on overheads for businesses and enabling companies to hire the best talent from all over the world, without being limited by geographical location. However, one unsung area in HR where this way of working may also have a role to play in is the drive for equality in the workplace.

Common assumptions relating to childcare and female career progression were proven to be true, according to a recent study that was revealed exclusively by HR Magazine. Conducted by Avenir Consulting, in partnership with the 30% Club and Henley Business School, its survey found that 47% of female participants whose male partners had played an equal or main caregiver role to their children had progressed within their careers after giving birth. In comparison, only 26% of those women whose male partners had little responsibility for caring for their children had progressed professionally since childbirth.

Flexible working procedures must be adopted by the employer of both partners in the relationship in order for childcare to be shared in such a way. If done correctly and successfully, flexible working could be the next big, yet largely unconsidered ‘stepping stone’ towards improving and re-defining equality policies in the workplace.

As well as paving the way for future opportunities for women at work, the benefits of using flexible working in order to share childcare equally could also extend further into boosting overall happiness, resulting in greater job satisfaction. Alongside its other findings, the research also highlighted that 42% of men who worked on a flexible basis were satisfied with the balance of their work and family life, while just 26% if men who were not working flexibly were happy with their work/family life balance.

The case for flexible working continues to grow as results of new and niche research is revealed. Upgrading your business with the forward-thinking infrastructure needed to enable flexible working can help to prepare for the inevitable workplace of the future.

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