Female useing a remote workforce management software

IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner (our software solutions) were born out of a desire to develop an innovative and affordable solution that effectively addresses the headaches inherent to remote and mobile workforce management.”

This may sound impressive, but it may not solve the questions that you came looking for. If you’re wondering whether remote workforce management software is what you need to streamline your business and if IQ:timecard or IQ:careplanner may be the right solution for you, then let us explain more.

What is remote workforce management software?

Workforce management software is a term that is used to describe a system that assists with staff scheduling. If a business runs using a number of workers, all on different shift-patterns but paid on an hourly basis, then workforce management software can help to plan weekly schedules for these employees –one that satisfies their salary requirements while also ensuring a company’s professional tasks are completed successfully.

At Unique IQ, both of our software packages have this feature. But this is only one small element of the complete solution that we strive to provide to all of our customers.

So what is a complete workforce management solution?

Going beyond staff scheduling, we’ve incorporated a variety of modules that address all issues relating to staff management, as well as other operational responsibilities. Designed specifically to assist workforces that use remote employees, our software solutions make managing a flexible, remote workforce as simple as within a physical office or industrial environment.

This type of software works in real time, helping management and employees to communicate no matter where they may be. Changes to shift times can be updated as the last minute, alerting employees as soon as it happens. With this tool, late or missed appointments and meetings are a thing of the past.

Effective workforce management software also reduces the need for office processing, saving a business both time and money that can be better invested elsewhere. What’s more, it acts as a central hub that can evidence service delivery, giving management assurance that their standard of work given is consistent with senior expectations.

It helps businesses to comply with legal regulations and guidelines, facilitating easy living wage and lone worker safety compliance through improved time and attendance data, intelligent scheduling and increased communication, while also using these features to offer accurate payroll and invoicing processes.

Want to know more about the benefits of remote workforce management software? Take a look at our dedicated resource guide.

Try a free demo online to learn for yourself exactly what a complete workforce management solution is, and if you think it is what your business needs, speak to a member of our team today!