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Questions to Ask Your Time and Attendance Solution Provider

When you’re trying to choose a time and attendance solution that will fit your business’ needs, it can be difficult to know where to begin. At IQ:timecard, we’ve provided the answer to dozens of businesses across the UK, and we’re experts at telling people what they need to know about their new remote workforce management system. So what are the most frequently asked questions, and what should you be asking your time and attendance provider?

  1. Is It Easy To Use?

This is especially relevant in industries like home care and cleaning, where the core staff members have often outgrown the generation of early adopters that are coming through now. You’ll need to consider exactly how easy the solution is to use, not just for the management team who will be monitoring the spreadsheets at HQ, but for the staff out in the field who rely on correct timesheets to accurately relay how much they should be paid for their work. A complex and difficult solution will help neither staff nor management.

  1. Do You Offer Anti-Fraud Measures?

Many payroll systems and time and attendance solutions are primarily occupied with preventing time theft by employees, so you should definitely be asking how this is accomplished. Do they use biometric resources or an electronic call monitoring solution? Just how secure is the software – could it be hacked by an expert? Is ‘buddy-punching’ possible? Get all of these questions out in the open to discover the anti-fraud capabilities or your potential solution.

  1. How Versatile Are The Reports?

With business data and intelligence being utilised in ways we’ve never before experienced, it’s important to consider just how versatile the reporting capabilities of the solution are. All time and attendance systems can work out basic summaries of hours worked, absences taken or planned leave, but can the system produce a report which will show you whether you’re complying with the National Minimum Wage structures, or Working Time Regulations? Can your solution assess KPI? Can it be modified to analyse key metrics relevant to your business? Consider all of these options before you make a final decision.