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Prepare for Christmas Period with IQ:timecard Time Management Software

The holiday period can cause huge problems for sectors such as home care and nursing which operate 365 days a year. IQ:timecard, a remote workforce management tool, is lending managers a lifeline by streamlining admin processes over Christmas and New Year.

The time management software offers a host of operational and time saving benefits. The busy holiday period can leave managers facing a number of payroll challenges, including annual leave, sickness and absence management, and temporary staff. IQ:timecard’s simple interface brings everything under one dashboard, to eliminate the chances of manual error.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “This software is especially useful in industries such as the care sector which have a high turnover of staff and a remote workforce. The time management function clocks up the hours worked, while the payroll is automatically calculated for each pay period. Managers can add temporary staff members at the touch of a button, and ensure overtime is integrated without a hitch.”

While many offices and businesses close over the Christmas period, over a quarter of a million Brits work on Christmas day. After the clergy, carers and nurses make up the majority of workers on 25th December. Organising Christmas rotas can be a hassle for care companies, but with IQTimecard bosses can ensure one employee doesn’t have to work over the holiday season – an administrator.

The reliable software automatically calculates payroll and managers can access the software from any place, at any time. This gives managers an opportunity to spend Christmas at home with their families, while keeping the tablet close at hand in case of an emergency. IQ:timecard will send an immediate alert if a member of staff hasn’t turned up to work so cover can be arranged.

Mr Lynes added, “While you’re enjoying your Christmas dinner this year, spare a thought for those that are hard at work. Those in the caring profession sacrifice time with their own families to help others. IQ:timecard ensures that organisations run smoothly over busy periods such as the holiday season, giving managers access 24/7 365 days a year.”