Cold weather

Predictions of Bitter Winter Sees IQ:timecard Call for Increased Time and Attendance Solutions in Home Care

As the Met Office predicts a cold, wet winter into 2015, IQ:timecard is urging home care employers to make sure they have contingency plans in place for adverse weather, to ensure that clients still receive a full service.

The three-month outlook from the Met Office suggests that there’s an increased risk of colder and wetter than average conditions through December into January, with above-average rainfull and lower-than-average temperatures. Other long-range forecasters speaking in the Daily Express add that this could be one of the most severe winters in history, with plummeting temperatures, snow, hail and blustery winds throughout.

IQ:timecard is a remote workforce monitoring tool which is largely used in home care organisations, to track the activity and movements of their staff members and ensure that clients are receiving the right amount of attention. With adverse weather set to plague the UK, the team at IQ:timecard are urging home care providers to be on their guard and take precautions to ensure that clients aren’t missed or neglected in poor weather.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “Cold weather is notoriously bad for elderly people with cold-related deaths still higher than they should be. With bad weather predicted for the remaining months of winter and beyond, we’re urging home care providers to be on their guard and ensure they’re using scheduling tool and time and attendance solutions properly.”

He adds, “Winter can lead to longer shifts and more stressful working conditions for remote employees that need to travel for work – but with IQ:timecard, employees can be tracked and monitored at all times to ensure that the appropriate care is delivered to all clients.”

IQ:timecard requires employees to use their mobile phones or a landline to ‘clock in’ when they reach a client location, using a dedicated PIN that’s assigned to them. The time of the call is logged in a central system – and alerts can be set up if an employee hasn’t clocked in by a certain time. Employers can then follow up and check whether traffic chaos or some other form of disruption is preventing the worker from reaching their destination, and react accordingly, dispatching another member of staff to the client’s location if necessary.

The time and attendance solution has already proven invaluable for businesses facing adverse weather conditions. The large-scale floods that caused destruction in many counties across the UK back in early 2014 weren’t enough to prevent home care providers from reaching their clients and ensuring they were taken care of throughout the difficult flood. Through wind, rain, hail and floods, IQ:timecard has helped businesses to enhance their scheduling capabilities and better monitor their team, leading to a more effective service all round.