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New Reminders Features from Leading Time and Attendance Solution

One of the country’s premier time and attendance solutions has added a number of new features to its software in its aim to help make workforce management as easy as possible. IQ:timecard is an electronic call monitoring solution that is widely used in the home care and contract cleaning industries, and the addition of job management tools and a unique reminders system is allowing businesses in these sectors to better manage their staff and improve services.

The new job management tool allows users to create a list of all tasks that need to be accomplished, ticking them off as they’re completed. With many workers operating at remote sites and client locations, this feature can prove invaluable for management teams who need to keep track of progress without being physically present.

The reminders system is also highly useful for those in home care, contract cleaning and sectors like security. Management teams can set reminders for their staff, and vice versa, so that even when staff are working remotely, there is still an open communication channel for workers and managers.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “We’re always striving to add new options and features to our software to make the lives of our clients easier. We constantly listen to feedback and try to adapt our software to ensure it serves all the needs that our clients in home care and contract cleaning have. The new reminders system and job management tool were popular requested, so we’ve listened to the demand from our core client base and adapted to ensure they’re getting the very best from our service.”

The electronic call monitoring solution already has a number of added features that are helping home care service and contract cleaning businesses to operate effectively. A number of reports were recently introduced which allows employers to check that their workers are being paid enough, in accordance with National Minimum Wage legislation. It also helps managers to create shift patterns that allow workers enough time between shifts, complying with the Working Time Regulations and creating happy, well-rested workforces that can carry out their jobs to a higher standard.

As IQ:timecard continues to grow and adapt to the needs of its clients, more functions like these will be added. Home care providers, contract cleaners and security services all over the country already use the time and attendance solution for all of their management and payroll needs, and with many more feature and reports added over time, IQ:timecard is set to become the most efficient and functional way to monitor employees and manage working operations.