Employee motivation is very powerful to a business and workforces with higher levels of motivation achieve higher levels of productivity. If your workforce is more productive then this means that you are more likely to achieve your business goals and essentially be more profitable. Motivated employees are also more likely to show loyalty and commitment to your business, going the extra mile to get results and are happy in their job, therefore less likely to leave.

So, there are huge benefits to your business to ensure that your workforce is highly motivated and to prioritise this in your workforce management approach. But how can you ensure that your workforce is motivated? Here are some tips on how you can ensure your team stays motivated:

How to keep your workforce motivated

A study by Psychology Today revealed that employees are not just motivated by money, in fact, that came 7th in the list of motivational factors. The top three motivators were:

  • Peer motivation
  • The desire to do a good job
  • Feeling encouraged and recognized
    Improving these areas can be challenging, particularly if you have a remote workforce but there are tools and technology that can help you to build better lines of communication. Having shared data about the work that peers are doing and seeing recognition of their peers for doing good work will help boost motivation.

    Recognition ideas

    Recognition can come in many different forms, from sending a personal message to an employee to thank them for their efforts, to giving out prizes such as ‘Employee of the Month’ and sharing the news with the whole workforce, detailing what it is that made their work stand out from everyone else. Even small prizes like a gift voucher can go a long way towards motivating staff to continue to work hard each month.

    Clear objectives

    In order for employees to know that they are doing a good job and for you to show your appreciation of them doing a good job, they need to fully understand what is expected of them. Knowing how their work fits into the bigger picture and contributes to the overall business success will also help to keep them motivated, particularly if there is a performance-related incentive for them to aim for.

    Motivation boosters

    Other ideas that can help to boost motivation include organizing staff events that encourage teamwork and helps employees develop a stronger feeling of belonging within a company and its culture.

    Encouraging employees to make suggestions about how they work and how to make improvements not only motivates, it can save money through greater working efficiencies.

    Another great way for motivating your team is to invest in their development. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you pay huge expenses for qualifications, but it could mean that you provide them with study time to work towards their development or organise online training courses that will help them to develop new skills.

    Having a highly motivated workforce rather than a demotivated one is a key common factor in many successful businesses, so it really does pay off to invest both time and budget in this area.

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