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Why your mobile workforce can benefit from real time alerts

Operating with a mobile workforce has numerous advantages for businesses of all kinds. As well as reducing overheads and increasing productivity, it removes any logistical limitations that may prevent businesses from employing the most suitable, skilled staff and ultimately, supporting mobile working is integral to businesses that want to attract the new, young wave of digital-native talent that is soon to enter the world of work.

However, while the advantages of adopting a flexible or remote working policy are clear, businesses working in this way face certain hurdles that they must overcome in order to unleash these benefits.  Here at UniqueIQ we are experts in mitigating these challenges, packing IQ:timecard with helpful features to make operating a mobile workforce simple. One of these tools is real time alerts – here’s why:

  • Instant communication can be difficult

If the job role is office or computer based, constant communication is relatively simple via emails or messaging apps. However, if your mobile team are constantly on the move, then this real-time conversation is hard to achieve. IQ:timecard is an app based tool – using its real-time alerts it is possible to send custom messages in bulk to the entire workforce, no matter where each employee is based, instantly keeping the whole team up to date with relevant information. 

  • Last-minute shift changes are impossible

Conventionally, managers will schedule shifts for staff using manual, paper time sheet systems. With real-time alerts, staff can be contacted at any time and notified of any changes to their working hours as and when they happen. 

  • It improves timekeeping

Again, if a team is constantly ‘on-the-go’, it is not possible to be in total control of their movements. Real time alerts ensure that office staff are aware if an employee is late for a site visit or meeting, or if they have missed it altogether, so appropriate action can be taken.

Ultimately, real time alerts enable an entire mobile workforce to stay connected to management, no matter where they may be. With this, it is possible to solve the many problems that businesses using a flexible working system constantly face.

Incorporating real-time alerts into our app-based IQ:timecard software is just one way that we simplify the process of managing a remote or mobile workforce. Book a free demo online to discover the other operational features that are benefitting hundreds of remote businesses across the country.