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Millions of Remote Workers to Be Affected by EU Working Time Regulations

The European Court of Justice has ruled that workers who don’t have a fixed office should be paid for travel time when travelling to and from their first and last appointments. Thousands of employers may now be in breach of working time regulations. 

The court’s decision is said to affect millions of workers, employed in the care industry, domicile cleaning sector, as contractors and repairmen and many more. It is designed to ensure no employee works more than 48 hours per week, and it could mean employees see a rise in wages depending on how far they have to travel to appointments. IQ:timecard is helping affected employers manage the new regulations with its remote worker management software, which can calculate mileage at the click of a button.

The ruling applies to any worker who does not have a fixed office, who travels to their places of work from home. It will also only apply to the first and last appointment of the worker’s day, so not all travel time will have to be paid. 

Robin Huxley, Marketing Executive at IQ:timecard explains, “This is going to be a huge shake up for certain sectors such as the home health and social care sector. Once employers add on the daily travelling time, they could also be in breach of national minimum wage regulations. Recording travelling time as work could be a difficult task for companies without responsive time management software.”

IQ:timecard’s fully integrated system monitors the remote workforce, uses ECM (Electronic Call Monitoring) to calculate time worked and then determines the payroll accordingly. The bespoke web-based system also has a mileage function, which can determine how far employees have to travel between each appointment. This can also be used to work out travel time and can be added to the payroll at the touch of a button – reducing the stress this new regulation could bring to management.

Robin added, “Employers trying to reduce the effect on budgets will already be thinking of tactics to try and minimise the disruption. For example, managers could re-schedule working days to ensure first and last appointments are closer to each staff member’s home. Whatever action is needed, IQ:timecard software is adaptable and can lighten the load of admin work.”