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How To Make Your Mobile Workforce More Efficient

With workers carrying out their daily operations miles away from the office or any management, how can bosses in the home care, security or contract cleaning sectors ensure that their mobile workers are efficient? Mobility is one element of modern working life that is rapidly evolving and it’s crucial that these remote workers are armed with the best policies, practices and resources to ensure they are working efficiently.

In order to ibcrease efficiency, it’s important to keep set schedules for members of staff. This might seem hugely obvious for those who work 9-5pm and must complete a set amount of work within that time, but when shifts are more flexible and working operations much less strict, it helps to draw up schedules and keep to them. Many companies already do things like this, with remote workforce monitoring software allowing them to keep track of who is clocking into certain locations on time, and which employees are not being efficient enough.

The idea of keeping to a schedule also brings the idea of breaks to the forefront. Employees (especially those in the home care sector, who are frequently under a lot of stress to provide the right level of care) must be well rested if they are to work efficiently. When drawing up weekly or monthly schedules for workers, be sure to listen to their feedback about breaks and try to be flexible with them – breaks are a great physical and mental boost and they can contribute greatly to productivity levels if used properly. Some people prefer to take a long break for a leisurely lunch, while some find it more beneficial to take fifteen-minute breaks at regular intervals, for snacks or a brief rest stop. Encourage staff to stick to their schedules, but be as flexible as you can with their breaks.

Lastly, in order to streamlined efficiency as much as possible, businesses need to embrace the twenty-first century and make use of the technology that is available to them. Whether it’s installing an electronic call monitoring system to track employees, encouraging workers to download a productivity app to track their goals and progress, or simply being able to utilise email and instant messaging while employees are on-the-go, technology can empower members of your workforce to succeed in becoming a more efficient version of themselves.

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