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How to keep control of mobile worker costs

Keeping control of costs within a traditional workforce is difficult. Even with fixed, regular outgoings such as office rental, running costs and salaries to pay, it can be easy to feel as if you are losing control of your finances with so many individual expenses to consider. However, understanding and regaining control of mobile worker costs is a different ball game entirely. Working patterns are irregular and extra factors such as mileage, travel and more must be taken into account, on top of conventional allowances such as holiday and overtime.

If you’re currently responsible for managing a mobile workforce, investing in an intelligent, digital solution such as IQ:timecard could streamline your operational workflow dramatically, helping to keep control of sporadic mobile worker costs.

Accurate shift data

Mobile workers, especially in industries such as home care or contract cleaning will traditionally log their shift patterns on paper timesheets. These are time consuming and cumbersome, easily lost, damaged or filled in with fake data. Investing in a solution that operates in real time can ensure that your business has no unnecessary outgoings on shifts that weren’t fulfilled. Not only aiding the day to day scheduling of staff, a solution that works in real-time also helps to keep databases accurate with staff holiday, illness and any other instances that result in time off.

Data logged in a dashboard, ready for analysis

Unlike conventional mobile worker management tools, using a virtual system gives you access to ‘big data’. Every month it is possible to get a clear overview of your outgoings, enabling you to analyse the data should any discrepancies occur. Using this, it is also possible to predict future costs based on historic trends.

Office processing tools

Robust, digital operational solutions such as IQ:timecard also include many office processing tools that help you handle your financial data, all in one central system. This includes facilitating the invoicing process, mileage claim calculation and payroll data. Controlling each of these tasks from one main system helps to regulate costs further.

HR features

Even if you feel as if things are spiralling out of control, intuitive HR features make workforce management software tools an ideal solution for mobile workforce managers. Here at IQ:timecard, we help you ensure you are HMRC and national living wage compliant, reducing the risk of unwanted expenses due to failure to comply.

Keeping control of costs is just one way in which IQ:timecard can streamline mobile workforce management.  Learn about these features and more with a free online demo.