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What Issues Do Mobile Home Care Employers Need To Overcome?

As ADASS president David Pearson commends the ‘Herculean success’ of many social care staff around the UK, who continue to work despite substantial financial burdens and many other issues, we take a look at some of the everyday issues faced by home care employees. From long periods of travel between locations to feelings of isolation, we examine the struggles of mobile home care employees, and what their superiors can do to boost morale.

  1. Overcoming ‘Remoteness’

When you think of the word ‘remote’, you think of isolation, or perhaps loneliness. It is this sense of being remote that is one of the biggest struggles with managing mobile workers. When workers don’t have to come into the office to be at work, and spend much of their time travelling, it can be hard to keep track of wellbeing and how an employee feels about their work. It’s crucial to touch base – and with the technology we have at our disposal nowadays, this is easier than ever.

  1. Pay Disparities

When employees spend much of their time travelling and having to clock in and out to signify the times that they’re actually working, they can end up working 12 hour days and only being paid for 6 or 7 of them, such is the amount of time they spend on the road. Working such long hours and getting paid so little for it can be demoralising, as the ADASS president touched upon recently. Employers must make sure they are running the correct reports and taking the appropriate procedures to pay their employees what they have earned.

  1. Building Trust

Positive working relationships are built entirely on trust, and this is especially true for remote workers in home care. Being charged with the care of elderly and vulnerable clients demonstrates trust of the highest order, but this must be maintained. Try to deliver feedback regularly, cultivate an ethos of transparency in your business and ensure that your training encapsulates all aspects of accountability.

Working on each of these elements can help to boost employee happiness in the beleaguered home care sector, where staff turnover rates are high and morale is often low. Taking each of these steps and ensuring that employees feel valued and important is key to ensuring that those charged with looking after elderly and valuable people – surely one of the most selfless positions in today’s society – are celebrated for their hard work.