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Unique IQ Urges Businesses To Prepare For Upcoming October Wage Rises

With real wages set to rise for the first time since 2007, web-based workforce management application firm Unique IQ is urging businesses to put scalable solutions in place to help deal with payroll issues. With the average British wage sitting at £26,500, the 1.8% increase would mean an extra £477 a year deposited into bank accounts – and businesses must have a payroll solution able to deal with the adjusted figures.

David Lynes, Director of Unique IQ says “It’s fantastic to see that British workers will finally be able to enjoy the benefits of rising wages. While in the past increases have been cancelled out by rising inflation rates, this year the UK will see pay packets become 1.8% larger. Of course, pay rises can create issues for payroll administrators which is why it’s so important for businesses to arm themselves with a scalable solution that makes the change as easy and streamlined as possible. IQ:timecard does just this, allowing businesses to monitor, manage and track employee hours with ease.”

With real wage rises set to hit bank accounts by October, Unique IQ is calling on businesses to make sure they’re fully prepared for the change with its IQ:timecard solution. Designed to make remote and mobile workforce management streamlined and stress free, the ground-breaking electronic call monitoring (ECM) solution combines cutting edge technology with simply functionality for the ultimate time and attendance solution.

Using a telephone – smartphone or landline – employees clock in and out from a client’s location and create accurate records of time spent on the job. Managers can then view data directly from a PC, laptop or mobile device. It’s fast, simple and guaranteed to help businesses slash management costs.

IQ:timecard also integrates seamlessly with payroll, doing the job of multiple staff members to ensure that staff are paid only for the hours they work. Rather than enlisting HR and finance staff to help sort through paper timesheets, produce wage slips and ensure payments are correct, IQ:timecard offers an automated solution that should put any concerns about payroll to the back of employers’ and employees’ minds.

Mr Lynes adds, “We’ve spoken out before about the importance of being able to handle wage hikes and other fluctuations, and it really is an essential part of a modern business. Having all payroll information stored on a central database makes for much more efficient operations, reduces the risk of human error, and makes sure that employees are paid what they have earned. With wages going up in October, it’s crucial that businesses can implement the changes without rebuilding their payroll system or filling out time-consuming paperwork – they simply enter the new figures into their IQ:timecard database, and the automated system does the rest.”