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IQ:timecard urges business to protect their staff with safer lone worker policies

Remote workforce management software solution IQ:timecard is urging businesses that allow staff to work in isolation of other colleagues to better protect their employees with more thorough lone worker policies. This appeal from the electronic call monitoring platform comes after it was announced that two lone workers from a well-known high street betting shop were attacked and murdered last month, on separate occasions.

Although working alone is an element of many industries that cannot be avoided, numerous companies rely on using lone workers as a way to cut costs and expenditure on wages. Following on from the devastating news in May, it was suggested that the company in question had saved around £200million a year by keeping staff levels to a minimum, resulting in many shifts being operated alone. Businesses are urged to make the health and safety of their staff a priority in order to create a better lone working policy to avoid these terrible outcomes in future.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “These terrifying events are an example of the risk that every employee is put under when asked, or forced to work alone. Sadly, abuse or attack is something which cannot be prevented completely, but there are ways in which businesses can improve their lone worker policies to reduce this risk and to avoid any further negative outcomes.”

Lynes continued, “Although certainly not the full solution, IQ:timecard can help towards a better lone worker protection policy, allowing managers to ‘keep track’ of their staff as they record live data every time they arrive and leave a shift.”

IQ:timecard is a real-time workforce management system, gathering arrival and departure data from employees, as and when it happens. Using this, managers can easily be alerted of any unusual activity such as failure to clock out from a shift, allowing appropriate action to be taken immediately. In conjunction with thorough risk assessment and specialised emergency training, adopting a remote workforce management solution such as IQ:timecard could help towards a better lone working policy for any business looking to improve upon their current procedure.