IQ:timecard – Nothing More Complex Than an Internet Connection

State-of-the-art employee monitoring technology doesn’t have to mean complicated handheld devices, long and intimidating codes or any kind of long-winded installation processes that takes weeks to bed in and even longer to become accustomed to. IQ:timecard is the prime example of a cutting-edge workforce management and monitoring solution that requires nothing more than a phone line and an internet connection. There is no tricky hardware to get to grips with – just everyday equipment that is already used as part of our daily processes.

IQ:timecard is an electronic call monitoring system, which means its primary method of tracking staff is through phone calls. Employees don’t need any fancy gadgets to clock in or out – they just need access to a mobile telephone, or even a landline if they can get access to one once they arrive at the designated location.

When employees arrive the client location, they simply call a designated number and type in their personalised PIN code, which alerts the IQ:timecard system that a certain employee has arrived. The system logs the time and starts the clock. When the employee is finished with their work at the client location, they carry out the same process, calling the given number and typing in their PIN, which alerts the system to the fact that they have stopped working. The clock which adds up their total hours worked will now be halted while the employee travels to the next destination.

Back in the office, it’s easy for managers to see staff arriving and departing, clocking in and out of locations and working out the hours they’ve worked in a day. The intuitive interface of IQ:timecard means management and supervisors can run all sorts of checks and reports if they should need to – with just a few clicks. They can work out the median hours worked for all employees in one month, they can sort their employees by most absences, they can check pay scales and monitor break times – the simple software allows managers to get the information they need from masses of raw data.

The whole thing requires nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. Businesses don’t even need complex storage systems on-site – all data is stored on secure cloud servers that can be access anytime, anywhere, with the right authentication details.

Having cutting-edge technology isn’t all about touchscreen gadgets and wireless gizmos – sometimes the simplest methods are the best, and IQ:timecard is renowned for offering intuitive, easy-to-use monitoring solutions that don’t require a head for electronics.