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IQ:timecard is vital addition to home-workers technological toolkit

The modern workplace is constantly changing and adapting to new demands, with the conventional office environment becoming less popular in favour of more flexible working options. This change in workplace dynamics is largely enabled by technology, with widespread access to high quality internet, personal computers and specialised software allowing many workers to leave the out-dated desk behind in favour of a home or remote environment. The unique time and attendance solution from IQ:timecard is a vital addition to every home workers technological toolkit, used alongside these other virtual tools to streamline professional processes, even when working from home.

Figures, revealed last May by British Trades Union Congress (TUC), showed that 241,000 more people work from home in 2016 than they did ten years ago, demonstrating how fast that these flexible working options have become accepted across the nation. Even though these figures are large, the TUC states that many employers are still not enabling as many people in their workforce to work from home as would like to. Businesses looking to keep up with the rising demand for home working amongst their staff can use the remote workforce attendance solution from IQ:timecard to help to implement a successful flexible working strategy.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard said, “We are increasingly seeing less of a need for the conventional ‘office’ space in order for members of staff to work well for their company, with factor such as a busy lifestyle, having children to care for and changing expectations from the younger workforce accelerating the need for businesses to shake up their work-from-home policy in order to adapt to the changing workforce demands.”

Lynes continued, “Many business owners worry that allowing staff to work from home, or somewhere other than the office, can lead to a more relaxed approach to timekeeping. Using our time and attendance software can help managers to keep connected to their workers by making their shift arrival and departure data visible in a web-based dashboard. Using this, any employees that are regularly late to a shift or cut their hours short can be identified, just as they would be in an office environment, and appropriate actions can be taken.”

Every member of staff that uses IQ:timecard can log when they begin and end each working day in real time, meaning that management have no delay in receiving their time and attendance data each day. When using the app based solution, workers can also see a 7 day overview of their expected working hours for that week, and can submit requests for hours to be swapped, allowing for a clear understanding of working expectations between management and staff, even when allowing this extra flexibility.