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IQ:timecard helps HR staff integrate new starters easily

September is a busy time for HR professionals. While this month sees universities open up its doors to a wave of fresh students, many businesses are also welcoming a stream of newly recruited graduates to join their hardworking teams. Although it is an exciting time, it can be challenging to integrate large numbers of new starters into existing professional operations effectively. Using intelligent workforce management software from IQ:timecard, HR staff can add and remove staff onto their systems easily, streamlining their processes.

Last year a study by professional social networking website, LinkedIn revealed that 11% more of it members updated their profiles during the first two weeks of September compared to the previous month. It also found that 24% more job openings were posted during this time by businesses looking to fill their positions. Although these figures are encouraging, showing an alignment between job openings and job seekers, the realities of implementing these new employees can be difficult and time consuming for HR managers.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard said, “As a business, welcoming hordes of fresh, new talent is always exciting but the initial few weeks can be slow and cumbersome rather than fast-paced and filled with new ideas. A large amount of HR focussed admin is partly responsible for this.”

David continued, “Inputting new workers details into existing payroll and scheduling systems can be a large portion of this challenge. IQ:timecard greatly simplifies these tasks, proving to be a helpful tool for any busy HR manager.”

IQ:timecard helps to manage remote workforces across the nation, and was developed specifically to assist employees that work beyond the standard 9-5 hours. IQ:timecard offers a simple and effective scheduling system that can be edited instantly as new starters join, and is compatible with many existing invoice and payroll systems. The intelligence workforce management software is used throughout the nation by a wide range of business including contract cleaning companies, private security firms and home care providers.