Photo of happy elderly woman with her young caregiver

IQ:timecard Helps Home Care Providers Bring Younger People Into Care Industry

IQ:timecard, one of the country’s leading time and attendance solutions, is helping home care providers bring younger people into the care industry with flexible scheduling tools and efficient payroll integration.

The new generation of employees coming through – nicknamed ‘millennials’ – have very different demands of their jobs than older employees, including the ability to work flexible shifts and being trusted enough to work independently. Many in this age group also express the desire to carry out ‘meaningful work’ – which is certainly something that the care industry provides.

IQ:timecard, with its cutting-edge scheduling tools, and monitoring software which allows employees to operate with minimal supervision, is a great way to introduce younger workers into the care industry. Some care providers that still use outdated clocking-in systems and archaic monitoring methods may have trouble attracting the younger, more tech-savvy demographic – IQTimecard can help these businesses take the step into the twenty-first century.

Robin Huxley says, “The millennials entering the world of work right now have very different demands than their older colleagues. For members of Generation X and even the Baby Boomer era, work was all about the 9-5 workday, with a supervisor on hand monitoring their every movement. Things have moved on slightly now – employees love having the ability to adjust their working hours to be more flexible, which is something that’s simple with IQ:timecard’s employee scheduling tools.”

Mr Huxley adds, “Millennials also want to feel empowered in their work – they don’t want to feel suffocated by a supervisor. Home care is a fantastic career path for younger employees that want to work independently – and IQ:timecard gives their managers the tools to monitor their activity without becoming too overbearing.”

Attracting younger people into the care industry is crucial right now, with a staffing crisis looming as the population ages. Employee turnover is incredibly high in this sector, and it’s expected that 40% of the project rise in England’s working age population will need to enter the care profession in order to cater to increased demand for services. For businesses looking to attract bright young employees, and future-proof their business ahead of this crisis, IQ:timecard offers the optimum solution.